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I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique Man who is affectionate

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Limestone, United States

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Age: 35


Seeking: male


Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Hardworking

I am very optimistic, kind, goal-oriented, communicative and cheerful girl. I love life and I try to enjoy every 
moment of it! I have enough friends in life and value them! I am not short-tempered, I don't like conflicts and 
even when they happen, I prefer to solve them as quick as its possible. I like having fun and being active. 
My desire is to meet a sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single man who wants a friend. My interpretation of
 a friend is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that
 the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness,
 blow the rest away.
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